Live Free is one of the top-rated rehab centers in NH with excellent sober living homes. We ensure long-lasting success at recovery for our patients with our highly structured living arrangement.

What types of rules do sober living facilities have?

Sober living homes act as bridges for recovering addicts that need help with transitioning from inpatient rehab facility to the "Real world." Residents are free to come and leave as they please as long as they follow the house rules. You may have to abide by the time limit within which you must enter the premises. Residents are also subject to periodic drug testing in a sober living home.

As a resident of a sober living home, you must pay for rent, food, and other basic amenities as you would in a regular home. The rules may differ from one facility to another, and there will be consequences if you fail to abide by the rules. Some of the punishments for violation of rules include paying a fine, making amends to another resident, write an essay, etc. In some cases, you may have to leave the home upon violation of rules. We are one of the leading rehab centers in NH with comfortable accommodations, highly skilled staff, and high-end amenities for residents/recovering addicts.

Top reasons to choose our sober living program

When you join our structured sober living facility, our highly skilled staff and volunteers play an integral role in your recovery journey. We offer medicated assisted treatment and vocational training programs to our residents, and prepare them for interviews, help them create a stunning resume, train them on budgeting, cleanliness, cooking, time management, etc. We encourage our residents to follow the 12 steps and conduct meditation and fitness workshops regularly.

We strengthen our residents' commitment to sobriety and ensure sustainable success. Furthermore, we also conduct family support meetings and community support projects regularly to improve the emotional wellbeing of our residents. We are one of the few sober living facilities in NH to offer our residents with recreation activities and programs like hiking, camping, snowboarding, house dinners, kayaking, etc. We also have 2 – 3 in-house group meetings every week.

Qualities to look for in an addiction rehab center

Once you have made the life-transforming decision of joining a rehab facility, it is important to join a treatment center with high success rates and effective treatments and therapies. Here is a list of qualities to look for in a rehab facility:

  • Be sure to join a licensed rehab center with highly skilled and experienced therapists, physicians, and RNs.
  • Join a facility that devises a customized treatment plan for its patients and offers 1-on-1 medical care and support.
  • Check the therapies they use to address dual diagnosis and the treatments they offer to help individuals attain sustainable sobriety. Be sure to choose a facility that uses evidence-based therapies to help patients attain sobriety.

Call us at 877.932.6757 or visit to get started on recovery. Live Free is one of the best rehab centers in NH with skilled staff and evidence-based treatments and therapies.

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