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Dual Diagnosis Lake Forest

Most people who attempt self-detox and self-medication to control their withdrawal and quit addiction fail to consider one important aspect – they need a dual diagnosis in Forest Lake. At ZOE Behavioral Health, we know that addiction victims can also struggle with mental problems like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, etc. Simple rehab treatment isn’t enough for them as the rehabilitation program alone can’t account for their mental disorders.

What dual diagnosis is and how it works

Dual diagnosis refers to a mix of mental disorders and substance addiction with intertwined symptoms. This situation is also called a co-occurring disorder, and it is notoriously difficult to diagnose and combat. Even experts have troubles separating the symptoms of mental problems from those of addiction, which may lead to inadequate treatment, setting the stage for relapse after rehab.

In fact, studies show that patients who suffer from co-occurring disorders but don’t get adequate treatment will relapse after rehab. Many will relapse within the first year, while others will do so years later. Our Lake Forest Park dual diagnosis treatment centers offer well-rounded medical and psychiatric assistance to help patients combat their co-occurring disorders effectively.

This will provide addiction victims with the tools to fight back against their disorders and achieve a more balanced state of mind as a result.

Why our drug rehab in Lake Forest is ideal for dual diagnosis

We treat dual diagnosis differently than other rehab facilities. Rather than relying on cookie-cutter approaches that offer limited assistance and subpar results, we use non-12-step treatment as our protocol of choice. A non-12-step program is a holistic form of treatment that targets both addiction and any mental health disorders coming along with it.

The treatment relies on a team of clinicians, Lake Forest dual diagnosis psychiatrists, health experts, and counselors to provide long-lasting benefits. Some of the programs we’re using include:

  • Outdoor therapy for recreational and bonding purposes
  • Group activities
  • Educational seminars teaching relapse prevention and long-term management strategies
  • Holistic healing procedures (massage, yoga, meditation, fitness routine)
  • Optimized nutritional education, etc.

These programs are ideal for helping addiction victims cope with their co-occurring disorders over the years.

Finding the best drug rehab in Lake Forest

Finding premier dual diagnosis alcohol and drug rehabs to address your addiction condition and co-occurring disorders is ideal for smooth and safe recovery. Untreated addictions can quickly degenerate into more severe problems, and the same goes for ignored mental problems like PTSD, severe anxiety, or depression.

Our Lake Forest addiction residential facility ensures optimal medication, psychiatric treatment, and follow-up programs for long-term stability, sobriety, and healthy living. Our professionals are ready to take your case and offer patient-oriented detox and rehabilitation services for sustainable recovery. We will supervise the detox and recovery process to make sure you’re heading in the right direction and eliminate the risk for health complications during the procedure.

Call (866) 570-1048, speak to one of our clinical experts at ZOE Behavioral Health, and make an appointment today! You can begin the detox process as soon as you’re ready.

Dual Diagnosis Lake Forest
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Dual Diagnosis Lake Forest
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