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Calgary Back Pain

5 Pointers For Residents Looking To Calgary Avoid Back Pain

Back pain has a way of coming up when we least expect it. All it takes is one false move in any direction to have us on the ground, writing in agony. Since our lower back is an especially flexible region of the body, it is also susceptible to a number of different issues.

While there are a number of Calgary back pain clinics that can assist us with pain once it arises, what about those of us who wish to avoid these types of issues in the first place? Let's take a closer look at the following tips for residents who are in search of the best methods for avoiding Calgary back pain.

1) Exercise Regularly

In order to make sure that injuries and other painful issues are avoided, we need to be exercising on a regular basis. Strengthening the core muscles of the back is one of the best choices that we could possibly make in this regard. Even the most low impact exercises can have an astonishing effect that we do not expect to take place. Something as simple as a brisk walk around the block can do wonders for this area of the body.

2) Mind Your Posture

Our posture is always going to play a major role in our ability to avoid back related aches and pains. When we allow ourselves to engage in poor posture on a regular basis, this can place a sizable amount of undue pressure on the lower back. Using ergonomic furniture is a great way to alleviate such issues and those who have desk bound employment should be setting a timer on their phone that reminds them to get up and stretch from time to time.

3) Lifting Heavy Items Incorrectly

We all like to think that we can lift heavy items with relative ease even though this is the furthest thing from the case. We may be young and strong right now but even the most able bodied persons out there will need to make sure that they are using their legs to lift and not their back. Those who are unaware of the proper techniques must take the time to research them in full before potentially making a major mistake.

4) Play Smarter, Not Harder

This is an important tips for all of the Calgary athletes out there who wish to avoid back pain over the long haul. Being athletic and fit does not preclude us from experiencing back related issues and this is a key thing to remember. Those who compete in sports on a regular basis must be well versed in all of the risk factors that are associated with their sport of choice so that they can avoid the inevitable.

5) Improving Our Health From a General Standpoint

Whether it is something as simple as drinking more water or removing inflammatory foods from our diet, there are a number of ways to improve our health from a general standpoint. Avoiding excessive usage of alcohol and nicotine can also do wonders for our overall health.


Calgary Back Pain
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